my dad’s sister

vividly remembered

the night their mom died


a vision

at the foot of her bed


a beautiful girl

surrounded by green grass

lovely flowers


in her low dialect

she spoke


Look at Me


she thought

I’m dreaming



Look at Me


Look at Me


then gone

my aunt took sick

three weeks in the hospital

a severe flu

6 thoughts on “Passing

  1. a comfort, Mom probably visited each one before she left…
    I’d say it was the doctor bringing the flu with him from some other sick persons house, and a massive dose of pain at losing their mother. too sad, written well!
    I’m wondering tho, how visiting these other passing’s is helping you in your loss?? If you ever need to chat, scream, cry, anything, you can always email me @ for a private talk. I want to say, write out your pain, not others. write it all out, you will feel peace for a bit. write it out and DON’T post it, let it sit, then go back and think about the same moment, write it again….not edit, write it… you may find that over time, it is lessoning, you can see it in your writing….it never goes away, we just learn to deal with it…it’s all we can do! Peace to you my friend, and feel free to delete this comment, you won’t hurt my feelings at all. tc

    • thanks for your caring words


      my grief

      connects me to a larger part

      of humanity


      my questions



      help me to learn

      about humanity

      in a bigger picture


      for me

      it is a comfortable



      to assume

      on oneself …

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