10 years ago

my parents

40th wedding anniversary

I created a book


when expecting

our stillborn son

I sought advice


dad opened the book

to a quote


“The most important thing

a father can do for his children

is to love their mother.”

~ Theodore Hesburgh


20 thoughts on “Gold

  1. It is. It sets the foundation for their children to see that a love like this can exist. I wish I could have seen that, but in a broken home, I can only hope that I could do that one day for my children.

  2. So true. I remember a similar quote (reiterated here) ….your child’s well-being is dependent on your own happiness. How can we expect our children to be content, secure and happy if we are not?

  3. I love this quote and beautiful message for our children’s futures, too…my parents were married 67 years when she died and we’re going on 26, so hopefully, we’ll get there, too…have a blessed day..

  4. I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years, and know full well that you’re an excellent, honest writer who often leaves his heart on these pages. This one is no exception, and I hope you know how much your posts touch your readers.

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