leaves press colour

roots bloom memory

seeds learning through play


glowing shades

bleed the breeze

growth, spiral, decay


true love’s beauty

promises heartache

courage lights our way


forests paths cross

smile, see me

water lines flow

hug, kiss me


I’m learning not to camouflage

all these feelings

I have for you



Image: Geo Sans

9 thoughts on “Forests

  1. Jumped onto WordPress, briefly. Simply wanted to check in a few of my favorite bloggers. Notice you, too, have taken a blogging hiatus. Wishing you all the best with whatever you are choosing to do.

  2. Hi there!

    I’ve been cleaning up my old blogs, rereading old posts and comments, and have read so many from you.

    You always offered such wisdom during the periods when I was struggling with caring for my mom, or fighting through depression.

    Doesn’t look like you’re blogging any more. I hope this reaches you so you will now how grateful I am for all the wisdom. I hope that life has continued to offer you good things – that you’re wife and daughter are well.

    Peace to you, my friend.

    • Thanks John
      your kindness
      and friendship
      were mutually beneficial
      to me
      I needed to take that time off
      and re-new myself
      during a difficult time
      I’ve been teaching
      the past 3 years
      and have been focusing
      and enjoying
      this stage of my life
      take care my friend
      good times
      hard times
      I’m more comfortable
      knowing, understanding
      this too

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