Googling Artistic Dialogue

Googling Information


thirsting for knowledge

coveting information

consuming artificial / artistic flavour

copywrong · mirrors · copyright




who invented the circle ?

maybe some questions

are meant to spiral

within themselves


The Wheel


conscience · mirrors · conscious

one artist conceives thought

another interprets direction


Cog Wheel


executing ideas

and / or

killing conceptions ?


Compact Disc / Digital Information


bleeding binary codes

lawyers dissecting corpses

answering riddles . . .

who is the real artist ?


Modern Industry

Imagery: Geo Sans

· · · · ·

links / inspiration

google and the world brain


street view / privacy issues

david byrne / copyright for performance artists

creative commons tweet


all words, photography, digital imagery created by geo sans

creative commons copyright / attribution, noncommercial, share alike

19 thoughts on “Googling Artistic Dialogue

  1. I always told my Biology students that science is “an art”. To create an inspired experiment or to be patient enough to observe the natural world. I just took a walk in the foothills and snapped photos of wild flowers. Your photography reminded me why I did that. I wanted to bring home some of those moments. Art is reflecting back moments we felt, no?

  2. I think art will always be argued as to whether it is truly art or not, and who is original and who is not. Art is art to me, if you love it, then to you it is art, if you hate it, then to you it’s rubbish. It’s a bit like God it can never be proved as real or not. Our own interpretation is all that matters. Applies to writing/poetry/prose too. :)

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  4. nice one Geo, loved the progression into lawyers dissecting corpses.. that’s what we’ve come to… from the first invention of the wheel… but we seem to be going in circles… don’t ya think? if not just blatantly backwards!!! :)

    but I believe
    the spring mirrors itself
    twisting around to see
    it’s own ass
    much like us
    looking in a mirror
    so who’s to say
    maybe the spring
    thinks it has
    a fat butt!


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