love can be

exchanging signals


small moments


I’m sorry

I let my wants


override your needs


I was too busy

shutting out life’s beauty


on myself


I forgot to stop

soft stillness


absorbing your colours


I’m listening now





Images: Geo Sans

Googling Artistic Dialogue

Googling Information


thirsting for knowledge

coveting information

consuming artificial / artistic flavour

copywrong · mirrors · copyright




who invented the circle ?

maybe some questions

are meant to spiral

within themselves


The Wheel


conscience · mirrors · conscious

one artist conceives thought

another interprets direction


Cog Wheel


executing ideas

and / or

killing conceptions ?


Compact Disc / Digital Information


bleeding binary codes

lawyers dissecting corpses

answering riddles . . .

who is the real artist ?


Modern Industry

Imagery: Geo Sans

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links / inspiration

google and the world brain


street view / privacy issues

david byrne / copyright for performance artists

creative commons tweet


all words, photography, digital imagery created by geo sans

creative commons copyright / attribution, noncommercial, share alike

Yada Yada Yada

25 things about me … blah blah blah

originally written 4 months

before my daughter was born


# 1

I was born 2 weeks late

but I was also born early

I was born in the car

on the way to the hospital


# 2

when I was around 2 years old

I hugged a puppy to death


# 3

I had the best childhood

I was the fifth of seven children

I grew up on a farm

we had tons of cool animals and a big garden


# 4

I have always tried to treat everyone as family

it seems to work for me


# 5

when I was 3

I watched my mom chop off a chicken’s head

I think she was sending me a message …

“Don’t mess with me”

we ate the chicken that week and it tasted awesome !!!


# 6

the first time I ate at kentucky fried chicken

I thought something was wrong

I never saw such small pieces of chicken in my life


# 7

food is not a big deal to me anymore

I would be okay eating the same thing everyday

this should disturb me — but it doesn’t


# 8

I moved away from home

when my little brother was 9

he turns 30 this year

whenever he’s in one of my dreams

he’s still 9


# 9

my wife and I have been together 16 years

we watch the movie “amelie” together every valentine’s day

“young frankenstein” every halloween


# 10

the mountains are beautiful

but I don’t like driving in them

I prefer driving in the prairies


# 11

my wife and I found out about september 11th (2001) a day later

we were on a

week long hiking trip (west coast trail on vancouver island)


# 12

I used to be a perfectionist

I have learned that no one has all the answers

I have also learned it is okay

to ask for help when you need it


# 13

I want to be more assertive … but in a positive way


# 14

I refuse to be manipulated or exploited

I refuse to let anyone make me feel guilty

ashamed or embarrassed for anything I don’t deserve


# 15

I believe we can learn

something from everyone

but only if we are


to listening and learning


# 16

if I can’t afford something

I won’t buy it

I learned this the hard way


# 17

I have learned that you can’t help someone

unless they want to be helped


# 18

“maybe” is a valid answer

I think logic is too limiting

the world is bigger than a “yes” or “no” reply

lots of times there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” answer

big questions almost never have a simple solution


# 19

I don’t know if school is for everyone

it might be a myth that we need a formal education

a degree to be successful in life

I know a lot of people who are living proof of this


# 20

For the past 38 years

I’ve never owned a cell phone

I can’t hear anyone on them

maybe I should get my hearing checked


# 21

For 36 years

I chewed my fingernails

I stopped biting them after my dad died


# 22

I feel that every single person is a miracle

all life is precious

and we all have a choice


# 23

I have faith in people and the future


# 24

I want to live life to the fullest

but I am not afraid of death

death is a part of life

I accept that now


# 25

everyone looks awesome when they smile


My Birthday

my fifth birthday and I am king of the world !!!