Googling Artistic Dialogue

Googling Information


thirsting for knowledge

coveting information

consuming artificial / artistic flavour

copywrong · mirrors · copyright




who invented the circle ?

maybe some questions

are meant to spiral

within themselves


The Wheel


conscience · mirrors · conscious

one artist conceives thought

another interprets direction


Cog Wheel


executing ideas

and / or

killing conceptions ?


Compact Disc / Digital Information


bleeding binary codes

lawyers dissecting corpses

answering riddles . . .

who is the real artist ?


Modern Industry

Imagery: Geo Sans

· · · · ·

links / inspiration

google and the world brain


street view / privacy issues

david byrne / copyright for performance artists

creative commons tweet


all words, photography, digital imagery created by geo sans

creative commons copyright / attribution, noncommercial, share alike

First Date

20 years ago

art school

strolling through her space


a photocopy on her wall

an italian sculpture titled

dog defecating


a massive bronze retriever

curving his body

immortalized forever


she chuckled …

isn’t it hilarious

someone went out of their way

to create this


I’ve always loved her quirkiness

her unusual sense of humor


I had to ask her out


Dog Defecating

I Am Not An Artist

two summers ago



only pretending


a has-been


another unfinished project


I’m Not An Artist


Music: My Fair Hiphop by VEGO feat. DJ AKA (creative commons copyright)


Music: Relaxation Spa Treatment by Dan the Automator (creative commons copyright)

My Stranger





emotion, impulse

concealed from view


you’re a fool

blindly searching the sun


under the surface


uncontrollable, unexplainable



look into the fire

understand instinct

I’m part of you


look into the sun

blindly no more


raise your cup

to light, to truth


My Stranger