16 thoughts on “Bird Songs

  1. This is beautiful Geo! :) The world can certainly get far too much, and yet we can’t choose to completely opt out. It’s a challenge to learn to slow down, let the thought process rediscover beauty in our life. It is there, we’ve just got to connect with it a lot more. Easier said than done!

  2. I was walking down the street the other day and I felt different. Everything wasn’t pouring into me like usual…but I could still feel everything. Those words…”energy is self-contained”… my body animal…xxoo

  3. strange energies
    just back from an early evening walk
    followed by an aggressive crow
    calling me, swooping, pecking branches
    I acknowledge my fear
    listening …

    • funny…bird song critique….but you titled this post…(he-he)
      I was dive bombed by two crows when I was 8 or 9…while walking to school. Had to hide under a bush in fear of a scalping. It did impress me that they noticed me though. Even then it was obvious that we all tend to ignore each other.
      You made my day with this one…

  4. Beautiful and meaningful, Geo…sometimes, the world is too much, esp. with technology (as I type on the computer) :) but we need to take time to smell the flowers, enjoy beauty around us and rest our minds…thanks for sharing!

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