25 thoughts on “First Recordings

  1. How adorable – that’s just lovely to here her sweet little voice! :) I wish I had a recording of me or my brother when we were little one’s, I have one when I was seven, which is good, but not younger than that.
    Keep the recordings going Geo, things like that are very precious indeed!

  2. Currently my favorite tune!….Little voice melting the heart.
    I’m trying to imagine…What does it feel like to hear yourself at three? My memory starts at about two. We went to the mountains on vacation. I slipped in the shower and went on my first motor boat ride. I remember the wooden cabin and shower stall perfectly but remembering the boat ride is all sensation. In my memory I’m straddling a giant tree racing through big water…more than I’d ever seen before.
    This is great Geo, thanks….perfect Sunday

    • from an old cassette
      hearing old voices
      from different moments
      my father’s voice
      unrecognizable from last memories
      the sound
      easily mistaken
      as my older brother
      even me …

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