21 thoughts on “Dream Writing

  1. dream writing

    from sept 10 2007


    woke up

    after not sleeping

    for almost a week


    started drawing

    paired animals

    walking on an arc


    looked like a christmas tree

    than started writing

    my dream

    around the image


    looked at it


    crumbling towers

    as falling hearts


    jotted notes

    around the edge

    signed it

    dated it

    filed it away

    for later


  2. Love this! When I wake up or try to write down thoughts that ramble through my head at night, it looks like a jumble in the morning…LOL This is great! :D

    • I wouldn’t recommend

      not sleeping for a week


      I was at a vulnerable part

      of my therapy

      after losing

      my son, my dad, my spirit

      within a three month time


      when my mom

      needed a biopsy for a grapefruit sized growth

      I took it quite hard

      was unable to sleep


      in retrospect

      I would have communicated

      my problem

      tore down the facade of strength

      received appropriate sleeping pills

      and help

  3. We need our dreams to bring to the surface some of the thoughts and emotions we are unable to express. Drawing, writing….all forms of healing that your dreams and lack of sleep inspired you to do.

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