Honouring Today

honoring today

Image: Geo Sans


maybe endless possibilities

beyond perception


I am working towards


uncertainties of life


I don’t know

I can’t understand


the phenomenon

humanity and science

cannot yet prove


I’m learning to live

with life’s ambiguity

a world without answers


within constant

change and doubt


I’m learning to live

in a world without

imposed cultural expectations

or religious structures


I’m working towards

finding comfort


within this present moment

within my own relationship

and understanding

of love


I’m learning to focus

my energy

loving kindness

towards myself


and our place

in this planet


maybe my purpose

is to prove to myself

the awareness

the endless possibilities

and discover

my own personal truths

my unique spiritual path

towards love and inner peace


maybe love and inner peace

are possible

for all of us

in our own time

in our own distinct way



The Great Depression

born in uncertainty


a phenomenon

giving rise to fascism


a second world war


the despair felt

by many

never left

throughout their life


those years

left a mark

taking generations

to live down


I’m listening dad

I’m starting to understand


The Great Depression