Aaaaa mantra of possibility

I like to close my eyes

and imagine


how many times

the letter “a”

has been written

by human hands


Mantra of Possibilities

Image: Geo Sans

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my 5 day photo/story challenge:

I have been invited by


to join her challenge



post an image each day

five consecutive days

attach a story to your image


can be fiction / non-fiction

poem / short paragraph

each day nominate another blogger

today I nominate the ancient eavesdropper


(Sporadic posting is alright if you’re unable to post each day.)

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I’ve been exploring


of colour and communication


for my series

I will continue exploring

these tangents

Thank You

one family

nurturing nature


our world

breathes together

our present


breathes forever


doubting old ways

I’m choosing love

all the world is green


click image / time lapse video

click image / time lapse video


129 days / january 1 to may 9

creative process

measuring the project


each photo is measured

by a shoe length and a day

draft 1 / click