My Miracle

my daughter slept

I told her

she has a guardian angel


I mentioned your name

looking upwards

her eyes opened


he sneaked a peak

fluttered briefly

my butterfly


my miracle

my children


she slept beside me

she whispered

I love you


little steps

found my face

her fingers

found my lips


I love you too

whispered on fingertips


my baby

your body danced

love radiated through her

while you slept


my daughter

my miracle

you’ll never know

how you save me


My Miracle, My Soul

My Miracle_1

My Sky, My Voice

above the stillness

I’ve heard you

you deserve answers


I’m sorry daddy

I need to be honest

I care about you

but even up here

there is no gentle way

of saying no

or I’m sorry


I can only love

as a spirit


I can’t be with you


my baby hands

can never touch

your cheeks

and heal you


the love

you need

is physical

with real touch


from up here

I’m not enough

you deserve more


please remember

you are worthy of love


take care of yourself

find comfort with the love

of friends and family


I’ll be here

listening if you want

silently caring

shining as much dim light

as I can

on your beautiful heart


My Sky, My Voice

Image: Geo Sans

Why God

we’re educated

to question, wonder

examine critically


no longer fearing

hidden truths

behind sacred words


I’m learning

to love compassionately

to accept

what I don’t understand


wide open

my heart, my eyes


my blindness


and that

is okay


I’m doubting my way to salvation


Why God

Image: Geo Sans