do we ever question

the illusion

of culture ?


young children


a watch

is still a watch

when upside-down


a triangle

is still

a triangle


letters, numbers

dictate different rules


a letter “p”

becomes a “d”

flipped horizontally

becomes a “b”


same shapes

different interpretations


we’re all strange symbols


First Date

20 years ago

art school

strolling through her space


a photocopy on her wall

an italian sculpture titled

dog defecating


a massive bronze retriever

curving his body

immortalized forever


she chuckled …

isn’t it hilarious

someone went out of their way

to create this


I’ve always loved her quirkiness

her unusual sense of humor


I had to ask her out


Dog Defecating

Small Town Hockey

in canada

hockey was considered

an official religion


a player

was traditionally

tough, fast


honest, fair


the respect

for yourself, your teammates, your opponents

taught important lessons


you learned

to win, to lose

with dignity


you learned to play

with emotional poise



you learned to play

as a team

believing, trusting

each other



I don’t know what to believe


Hockey As Religion