White Noise

kissing hands

wave good-bye

walking fingers

across the sky


guessing neurons

skipping Rome

forgetting history

and going home


turn out the lights

when you leave

when you’re gone

I’ll remember

I’ll grieve


blue smiles

purple hearts

my body bleeds

when we’re apart


missing neurons

skipping stones

forgetting the mystery

and letting go


flicker fade

flicker fade

the computer forgets

when it isn’t paid


White Noise


in · for · ma · tion

I am not my name

I am not my birthdate


my mobile phone is not my life

neither is my toothbrush


is a person’s identity singular ?

am I all my years put together ?

is identity a constant ?

is my identity who I am right now ?


I’ll be a totally different person in 20 years

we can’t outrun ourselves

I’m not the same person from 20 years ago

same name

different person


everything defines me

nothing defines me



I am not my bones

we are spirit



Image: Geo Sans