Colour Theory_54


Image: Geo Sans


there are two basic

motivating forces:

fear and love


when we are afraid

we pull back from life

When we are in love

we open to all that life has to offer







we need

to learn to love ourselves first

in all our glory and

our imperfections


if we cannot love ourselves

we cannot fully open to our ability

to love others

or our potential

to create


evolution and all hopes

for a better world

rest in the fearlessness and

open-hearted vision of people

who embrace life


john lennon

Human Sculpture

human sculpture


dynamic poses


moments between stimuli

spirit and motion

solid to liquid to gas


we’re formless shapes

smiles spreading across cheeks

spontaneous expressions


distinct random patterns


abstract pleasure

measuring simple movement

zig zagging

bottoms up

this too shall pass


The Entire Ocean