Taking Shape

driving across

canadian prairies

documenting disappearing

grain elevators


in stillness

my heart

holding every moment

we’re companions

in confusion


How do I honour


after loss


I’ll never be the same

I’m learning to breathe again

changing shape

changing colour


Taking Shape

Image: Geo Sans

Small Town Hockey

in canada

hockey was considered

an official religion


a player

was traditionally

tough, fast


honest, fair


the respect

for yourself, your teammates, your opponents

taught important lessons


you learned

to win, to lose

with dignity


you learned to play

with emotional poise



you learned to play

as a team

believing, trusting

each other



I don’t know what to believe


Hockey As Religion

Psychosis Canadiana

snakes and ladder

slithering new continents / covenants


a bombastic tv prophet

bleating new scriptures


a new religion



always believe in your country

always believe in your dad

always believe in hockey


rays of light

falling from grace



I don’t know

what to believe