I Am Not An Artist

two summers ago



only pretending


a has-been


another unfinished project


I’m Not An Artist


Music: My Fair Hiphop by VEGO feat. DJ AKA (creative commons copyright)


Music: Relaxation Spa Treatment by Dan the Automator (creative commons copyright)

My Stranger





emotion, impulse

concealed from view


you’re a fool

blindly searching the sun


under the surface


uncontrollable, unexplainable



look into the fire

understand instinct

I’m part of you


look into the sun

blindly no more


raise your cup

to light, to truth


My Stranger

The Great Depression

born in uncertainty


a phenomenon

giving rise to fascism


a second world war


the despair felt

by many

never left

throughout their life


those years

left a mark

taking generations

to live down


I’m listening dad

I’m starting to understand


The Great Depression

Finding Peace

when his wife died

my grandpa was fifty three


she left twelve children

ages five to twenty two


sorrow, sadness

engulfed their hearts


their love

shouldered long years


restless anxiety


to calm peace


grandpa told my mom

I have an appointment

with jesus

at six o’clock in the morning


he told his daughter

I’m with the lord


two months later

he died peacefully

at eighty nine


Me & Grandpa

Yada Yada Yada

25 things about me … blah blah blah

originally written 4 months

before my daughter was born


# 1

I was born 2 weeks late

but I was also born early

I was born in the car

on the way to the hospital


# 2

when I was around 2 years old

I hugged a puppy to death


# 3

I had the best childhood

I was the fifth of seven children

I grew up on a farm

we had tons of cool animals and a big garden


# 4

I have always tried to treat everyone as family

it seems to work for me


# 5

when I was 3

I watched my mom chop off a chicken’s head

I think she was sending me a message …

“Don’t mess with me”

we ate the chicken that week and it tasted awesome !!!


# 6

the first time I ate at kentucky fried chicken

I thought something was wrong

I never saw such small pieces of chicken in my life


# 7

food is not a big deal to me anymore

I would be okay eating the same thing everyday

this should disturb me — but it doesn’t


# 8

I moved away from home

when my little brother was 9

he turns 30 this year

whenever he’s in one of my dreams

he’s still 9


# 9

my wife and I have been together 16 years

we watch the movie “amelie” together every valentine’s day

“young frankenstein” every halloween


# 10

the mountains are beautiful

but I don’t like driving in them

I prefer driving in the prairies


# 11

my wife and I found out about september 11th (2001) a day later

we were on a

week long hiking trip (west coast trail on vancouver island)


# 12

I used to be a perfectionist

I have learned that no one has all the answers

I have also learned it is okay

to ask for help when you need it


# 13

I want to be more assertive … but in a positive way


# 14

I refuse to be manipulated or exploited

I refuse to let anyone make me feel guilty

ashamed or embarrassed for anything I don’t deserve


# 15

I believe we can learn

something from everyone

but only if we are


to listening and learning


# 16

if I can’t afford something

I won’t buy it

I learned this the hard way


# 17

I have learned that you can’t help someone

unless they want to be helped


# 18

“maybe” is a valid answer

I think logic is too limiting

the world is bigger than a “yes” or “no” reply

lots of times there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” answer

big questions almost never have a simple solution


# 19

I don’t know if school is for everyone

it might be a myth that we need a formal education

a degree to be successful in life

I know a lot of people who are living proof of this


# 20

For the past 38 years

I’ve never owned a cell phone

I can’t hear anyone on them

maybe I should get my hearing checked


# 21

For 36 years

I chewed my fingernails

I stopped biting them after my dad died


# 22

I feel that every single person is a miracle

all life is precious

and we all have a choice


# 23

I have faith in people and the future


# 24

I want to live life to the fullest

but I am not afraid of death

death is a part of life

I accept that now


# 25

everyone looks awesome when they smile


My Birthday

my fifth birthday and I am king of the world !!!