Small Town Hockey

in canada

hockey was considered

an official religion


a player

was traditionally

tough, fast


honest, fair


the respect

for yourself, your teammates, your opponents

taught important lessons


you learned

to win, to lose

with dignity


you learned to play

with emotional poise



you learned to play

as a team

believing, trusting

each other



I don’t know what to believe


Hockey As Religion

Hockey Violence in Vancouver

the league’s leading scorer

reaches for the puck


blasted to the face


concussion, stitches


before the playoffs


an opponent’s choice

endangering careers

playoff chances


no penalty called

no league suspension

( no respect ? )


self righteous intentions

standing up for a brother

spiralling out of control


vigilante justice

with sickening consequences



the violence



everyone loses


hockey violence

hockey violence


“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi