4 thoughts on “maybe dialogue_4

  1. “strangers sharing signals

    digitized caring frequencies

    we’ve become maybe friends

    engaging in maybe dialogue”

    always may-bes

    we are made of may bes
    and june bes
    and might bes
    and might-be-nots
    like don’t-forget-me knots
    and millions of mights
    and the might of millions
    that amounts to mutton
    and quintillions (just because I like the word)
    of questions

    the “q-u” of it
    the queue you of it

    the lines that
    happens chance
    happened me here

    “people surprise me


    we surprise ourselves”

    surprise is my sign
    to pay attention
    –the cheapest, most
    valued thing I know
    how to pay–

    where tales concern
    I needs Face-less and mind-full
    and chase-less, not bind-full
    and here I bring my

    self back to be


    self back to be


    (I thank you)
    (for me)

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