Colour Theory_55

I keep dreaming …


shifting imagery

reflecting and absorbing

diverse perspectives

spectrums of truth







when do these


bring us together

tear us apart


I keep dreaming …


8 thoughts on “Colour Theory_55

  1. Imagine! Couple it with hope and we have potential and expanded possibility. Vedder’s rendition (and voice) grounds the message as well as inspires. I chose to thrive in the ‘bring us together’ relationship.

  2. Values, spirituality, community, power – I think these all bring us together and tear us apart. It’s an uncomfortable feeling to know another person thinks we are wrong. And some people don’t know how to share who they are without imposing on another’s way of seeing. It shouldn’t be so complicated. We need space to be, and generously give space to others. It’s something we learn more with age, but…some…never do learn. :o/

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