Black and White Room

the power is out

I’ve dissected my brain

neatly labeling the data


hoping you’d finally understand

this intense luminosity


but my words, imagery

have become

lifeless artifacts



the wind howls

I’m the spirit

you’ve never known


The Black and White Room

Image: Geo Sans

Inspiration: Frank Johnson & Mary’s Room

13 thoughts on “Black and White Room

    • different interpretations of blue
      reasons for reflecting
      on awareness
      and others
      our inability
      to place our feet
      in another shoe
      we naturally misunderstand
      with others
      grayscale versions of red

  1. the errant light of the screen
    permeates the barriers of skin
    with resonating symbols
    that jump and jive the beholder
    with the shorthand of electric eels
    walking on land…
    The frontiers of imagination
    or an imagined frontier?

  2. Inspiration: Frank Johnson and Mary’s Room
    “(1) Mary has all the physical information concerning human color vision before her release.” This is a peculiar argument considering that Mary has only data. She does not have “all” the physical information which would include her own experience of color.
    “(2) But there is some information about human color vision that she does not have before her release.” …the actual personal physical experience of it.
    “(3) Not all information is physical information.” This type of thinking creates worm holes in clouds.
    Your poem and illustration say it better…but that was (absurdly) fun Geo

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