32 thoughts on “Angels

  1. Aahh – this is gorgeous! :) And I can tell by the way you have spoken of her in the past year – she has saved you! Isn’t it amazing how we can create something knowingly or unknowingly from our own selves that can save us. It seems miracles can be there within us! And I love that picture – she looks like she’s having some great fun there!! :D

    That Ryan Adams song is beautiful by the way – just the kind of mood I’m in tonight!

  2. That’s a great thought you have brought in as I muse on your opening lines. Indeed, how could listening outwardly align with loving one own self? Could this be about expanding one’s own consciousness? Or is it about supreme empathy? I remain unsure…..


  3. I’m beginning to learn how precious she has been and is to you. I also wonder about the extent to which you saved yourself. As time passes, how much credit are you willing to (even selfishly) accord to Geo?

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