54 thoughts on “Autumn Dream

  1. Beautiful …

    “understanding we’re all nutrients for other generations” — brilliant line, brilliant thought!

    Nice to see a poem from you in my reader … you’ve been gone too long!

    Hope you and your family enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

  2. Like John, I love the line ““understanding we’re all nutrients for other generations.” Reminds me of “this too shall pass.” Also, love the self-portrait?? We are all “only love.” Love, Kozo

  3. Interesting thought, I think we are nutrients for other generations. Strange how we don’t generally see our lives like that, but it’s undeniably true. Autumn is sad, but also not sad, because we know what’s coming round again. Perhaps if we had a better understanding of our existence, we wouldn’t be so sad when autumn and winter arrive in the lives of our loved ones. :)

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