My Personal Truth

I realized


my dad died


I held my stillborn son


all life is precious


we all have a choice


I can either

let life’s consequences


my reactions



destroy me


I alone determine my direction


My Personal Truth

Image: Geo Sans

21 thoughts on “My Personal Truth

  1. We are all held responsible for how we react, break, or grow stronger from adversity and pain. I think people have forgotten that they hold that power, and no event or person can take that away. ^_^

  2. Isn’t that the truth … sometimes life has to hit us hard, but, truly, we do have more control over the direction of our lives than we often imagine…

  3. That’s so true Geo! :) Life can lead us down some terribly grim pathways, and sometimes it’s difficult to get off those those pathways even after that journey has ended. It’s as if we become comfortable with an uncomfortable path – ‘better the devil you know’ syndrome. And it takes a real concious effort to look at our map and decide where we would ‘really’ like to go. And then not look back! Not easy, but rewarding if you can. :)

  4. Sometimes the road to understanding that we have choices is rocky and rough (ok, generally, it is a rough road to understanding). Sometimes I think life is weird … we come with no instructions, and the lessons we learn are from the scars we get – often the scars never heal and don’t often make us better, instead leaving us empty. So we’ve had to learn a lesson by suffering … and by the time we learn the lesson, the emotional damage has been done. That seems sort of backwards, doesn’t it?

    Though, if we knew all the potential heartbreak and grief that awaited us, we might be too afraid to go on.

    I sometimes wonder if these lessons really make us better? (Sorry, I’m in rather a gloomy mood). I imagine that there are good things … after losing your son, you’ll never take your daughter for granted – she’ll always be important to you. And that’s good. But the price …

    I have studied Buddhism, and while I don’t practice, I think that Buddah was right: all life is suffering. It seems a bad place to start … but it seems true. And, I think you’re quite correct that it’s finally realizing that our choice of reaction can lead to continued grief and despair, or to a sense of acceptance that allows us to begin to move forward again.

    I’m glad to have been able to read your words as you’ve made your journey through grief and pain … and I’m honored to be privy to your courage to find some solid ground under your feet … and a path that’s helped you take one step forward, then another, then another …

    My friend, you inspire me greatly …

    • the past year
      an endless journey
      I’ve also learned
      post-traumatic stress
      can make a body
      over-ride one’s sense
      of choice
      a swollen amygdala
      can alter one’s perception
      into constant fight or flight
      is an illusion
      and others keep saying
      it …

      • these lessons
        make us
        who we are
        I’ve stopped judging them
        no better no worse
        my self centered thoughts
        become too unbalanced
        I’m being more
        I’m thinking less
        soft tones
        in empty spaces

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