Questionable Statements

turn off my mind

spontaneous movements


colour spectrums


is art

humanity’s expressions

reaching, stretching

towards eternity






here today, gone tomorrow

we’re dissolving thoughts

this is my stop


Rainbow Blur

Image: Geo Sans

8 thoughts on “Questionable Statements

  1. memories
    looking through my viewfinder
    remembering an artist
    striking water, creating rainbows
    rainbow splash
    hit water with heavy stick
    bright, sunny, windy
    river wharfe, yorkshire
    22 [23?] december 1980
    image from the andy goldsworthy archive:

  2. Art and thoughts can definitely be here today gone tomorrow! But some are long lasting. I like to think art of any kind is humanity’s expression of reaching out to find more. Sometimes though, it can just be something beautiful or inspiring to look at, hear, or read – and that’s okay. Perhaps even in art like that, we still reach and grow, but we’re just not as aware. :)

    • the scientific age
      of the earth
      4.5 billion years
      considering our perceptions
      of time
      4.5 billion years later
      what will represent
      our art ?

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