One With Life

there is art

tracing concentric circles

awakening perceptions


I am life

you are life

we are spirit


Puddles And Sticks

Image: Geo Sans


27 thoughts on “One With Life

  1. There is art in all life, but what we see is down to our state of thinking. She looks like she’s having a great time with the simple things of life, and I hope she splashed in some puddles too! ;o)
    Reminds me of how I used to love to go out in the garden when it rained just to try out a new umbrella, wellington boots or raincoat. I still like the rain, but I don’t get that feeling of wanting to rush out in it. Sad really, we lose that natural instinct as we age and most of us only find enjoyment or the art in life by consciously focusing on it. It should be natural, I’d like it to be natural, like it was. :)

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