Complicated Viewpoints

when I observe

a work

from Picasso

or any artist


first and foremost

I always try

open my perception

to the artwork


even though

I love Picasso’s imagery

freedom, imagination, interpretation

shapes, colour


I have a distorted bias

within myself

against the man


a deep respect

for his artistic vision









My Picasso Portrait

Image: Geo Sans


the poem was originally a comment

part of a picasso dialogue on Standing Ovation, Seated


my 5 day photo/story challenge:

I have been invited by


to join her challenge



post a picture each day

five consecutive days

attach a story to your image


can be fiction / non-fiction

poem / short paragraph

each day nominate another blogger

today I nominate WordMusing

she also curates The Writing Garden


(Sporadic posting is alright if you’re unable to post each day.)

5 thoughts on “Complicated Viewpoints

  1. It’s true we can see what someone else has created completely wrong. It’s good to stand back and think a bit more about what we are looking at. I appreciate a wider group of art than I used to. I guess age helps to do that.

    And thank you again for the nomination and the mention Geo! :o)

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