16 thoughts on “Butterfly Garden

  1. there are two basic
    motivating forces:
    fear and love
    when we are afraid
    we pull back from life
    When we are in love
    we open to all that life has to offer
    we need
    to learn to love ourselves first
    in all our glory and
    our imperfections
    if we cannot love ourselves
    we cannot fully open to our ability
    to love others
    or our potential
    to create
    evolution and all hopes
    for a better world
    rest in the fearlessness and
    open-hearted vision of people
    who embrace life
    john lennon

  2. Hey Geo ….

    I don’t suppose you are around?

    I need an opinion on a poem for my class, and I trust your judgement in poetic matters….

      • hey! hope you enjoyed your time off …

        i don’t have the poem posted anywhere … it was for my class, so it was just a Word doc…

        did you go anywhere … or was it just relaxing time at home?

    • the most beautiful people
      we have known
      are those who have
      known defeat
      known suffering
      known struggle
      known loss
      and have found their way
      out of the depths
      these persons have
      an appreciation
      a sensitivity
      and an understanding of life
      that fills them with
      and a deep loving concern
      beautiful people
      do not just happen
      elisabeth kubler-ros

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