6 thoughts on “Maybe Happiness_15

  1. But that’s how the “greats” are made. People writing, painting, doing things out of the passion within their own heart… not knowing if these things will be recognized or appreciated. They just do. Not sure if they were happy or not from the recollections. Cutting off ones ear or dying from loneliness when the person they had loved were taken away from them. But then again, we do leave lasting impressions whether we like it or not; whether we want them to or not.

  2. i suppose this only applies if you have some sort of belief in an afterlife … or maybe its simply true of the energy that flows through the universe … but, giving and receiving love seem to be of everlasting importance

    (to be fair, i do understand that point you are making, and there’s truth in it.)

    • a friend’s father
      passed tonight
      four hours ago
      I had the privilege
      of initiating a community mural
      an art event he hosted
      on his farm
      there was so much beauty
      in unknown hands
      pouring imagery onto that wall
      pride, love
      anonymous magical moments
      I’m grateful
      for every second

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