9 thoughts on “Maybe Happiness_13

  1. Here in Ireland we have made an art form of what we call, ‘slagging’ each other. Maybe others might not ‘get it’ but we really enjoy it. Perhaps it’s not laughing at each other as you might mean but it’s not far off it.
    Sitting at our dinner table can be a raucous affair, but definitely it is happiness to me.

  2. This is true, though you have to admit that sometimes happiness is laughing at someone else — like when they fall, and once you know they’re ok, it seems we always laugh.

    But, I think Ashley is correct too — being able to laugh at ourselves is important; not everyone can. I think once you learn to laugh at yourself, many things seem less … important? I’m not sure ‘important’ is the word … but I hope you know what I mean.

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