10 thoughts on “Maybe Happiness_06

  1. …as you say in a comment above: karma. it has been my experience that the help i’ve given others has come back to me when i’ve been in need of help.

    i don’t believe in god, but i do believe that there is something (The Force?) that holds us together, binds us together … the energy we send out finds its way back to us.

    the opposite is true as well … i’ve known many selfish, unhappy people who send out that negative energy, and it finds its way back to them, making them more unhappy …

    much of life is beyond our control … but the help, the strength, the beauty we find in life is tied to the help, strength and beauty we direct outward …

    • in times of crisis
      we discover
      who our real friends are
      the people that help
      in any little way
      are never forgotten
      the heart remembers
      and will always give back

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