39 thoughts on “Wisdom

  1. From the mouths of children, wisdom and sanity flow freely, big thank you for sharing, wonderful blog, sincere regards, Barry

  2. Children are all too often dismissed when it is their view, their insights which see more than our clouded judgements ever do.
    Beautiful picture, I am entirely too jealous of your Canadian home.

    • they’re priceless


      their instinct

      still hasn’t been

      conditioned away

      at that age


      the river and trails

      by my place

      are very picturesque

      right now


      green is sprouting

  3. What a beautiful expression of love and family your site is Geo and the surrender of the “individual” to the commitment of loving.
    Enjoying, even more, the reruns.

  4. Such a smart, wise precious soul she is. I pray she never loses that. Most parents don’t take the time to engage with their children or even settle in those moments. You’re a good father.

  5. This is one of my favorites of your poems. I am with my three children all day, and I often think they know far more than they let on. Their minds are free from the responsibilities of making money or preparing food and instead they focus finely on us, their parents. They get that we make mistakes, and they do forgive us daily. Sometimes hourly. And with such grace. Their hearts are so full of love for us, I will always remember these days with a full heart. Finding love notes from my children in hidden places. My daughter, aged 4, makes us birthday cards months ahead and hides them. Their little eyes shine with love. I hear the echoes of that in your poetry, but most reverently here. Bless you for your sharing.

  6. This is so precious, wisdom from the mouths of babes. How children allow us, adults to grow and learn. It gives us a second chance to try and get it right…but mastery is when you are a grandparent {winks}

  7. Beautiful. We could learn so, much from the children, we have to get back to the child’s mind to be free and real

    Love this

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