The Other

treat others

as you’d like

to be treated



dangerous assumptions

we fix on others


how could I

possibly know

what you needed


your body

your vagina

our love entered

our dead baby



as a man

was it wrong

to lust

after you










I understand


The Other

22 thoughts on “The Other

  1. Firstly, your poem is so raw and honest I am aching.

    Secondly, I am a HUGE Fan of Brené Brown’s TedTalks. There is another one as well.

  2. I’ve refrained from commenting because these posts are about you, Geo, not about the dear one you write about that shared this experience. I feel for her. There are times for a woman when it is best to be in the company of other women to heal. You can never understand some things Geo. Your body is different. Other cultures understand this. I commend you, though, for finding the vulnerability within yourself for understanding.

  3. If the trains are on the same track
    one going faster…one slower
    there’s only need for kindness

    If the trains are on different tracks
    they’ll only meet
    at the crossroads

    still needing kindness

  4. You wrote this … experienced this in the past… I’m curious what brings it back for you? I don’t want to pry. I know that it is yours… your experience, but it makes me ache for something myself. Why now?

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