14 thoughts on “Her Pain

  1. Again, the “like” button seems wrong somehow… as if I’m liking your pain.

    I cannot imagine your pain, but your recent poems have given me a glimpse of it.

    Peace … may your heart and soul continue to find it.

  2. I pray that your broken heart and wounded soul and spirit find the healing and peace they so deeply need…

  3. So sad. Asking to be related to and at the same time denying that you can be related to. Loss is one thing we all share. Pain is another. Sooner or later joy comes back. I have terrible losses in my past, too. Joy came back even though it took years. Even though my life was transformed, and I was no longer the same person any more. You mourn not just your loss, but yourself, the person you used to be. Eventually you learn to love yourself all over again, if you’re lucky.

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