24 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. How heart breaking it must be. Both of you with your own loss and feeling the loss of your partner. I send my love to you both, that it may give yours strength

  2. I found this so moving. Many years ago, I was sent home on Mother’s Day without my son (who needed further medical care). It was the worst feeling I can remember, until he lost his first child.

  3. I’m sorry. My thoughts are with you. I hope you find this forum of readers a place of solace and support….The image and words are beautiful by the way…

  4. Lovely thought, and great picture.
    I wrote a post recently called ‘what if’. It was inspired by a blogger who lost her youngest daughter. She had said that there are those who believe that the soul doesn’t enter the body until birth. This made me think, what if my dad met my children before I ever did, and what if he sent a little bit of himself with them? I wonder… what if about your little boy.
    I have no religion, but I did enjoy wondering this one.

  5. I’m not speechless often, Geo, but this and many of your posts are so heart-wrenching. I can’t fathom the pain you’ve experienced but know that you have much support here through your readers. Even after the years that have passed, I pray for healing to continue so you can be at peace…♥

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