Heart Ache


spontaneous coronary

artery dissection


I held our newborn

watching you


surrendering, she asked,

“what’s this all about?

closed my eyes, sighed,

“become comfortable in doubt.”


tubes, machines


seismographic skyscrapers


so hard

to talk

much easier in code



Heart Ache

38 thoughts on “Heart Ache

      • Sometimes, I find my questions get answers after months, or even years… some will remain unanswered in this life. To live the questions is fine, enough. As you say, the questions are possibilities, moments…

        have a peace-filled week,

  1. haunting in flowing silent tears…
    in such depth of sadness comes depth of love
    I have no words to say how to feel…other than your words Feel….
    Take Care…

  2. It reminded me of a song, whose lyrics go :”So I speak to you in riddles, ’cause my words get in my way”.
    This was very painfull to read, so much that it almost feels surreal.

  3. I’m tingling and shaking after listening to the audio. So much strength and spirit. So much love and understanding. So much paradox. So grateful to have heard it. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

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