39 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Wow, I love how you pair poem with painting. Is this like Haiku and Haiga where you create a poem and painting specifically for each other and they are a pair?

    • thank you for

      your kindness

      but unfortunately

      I can’t accept


      your follow, my existing readers

      are my biggest reward


      feel free to nominate

      someone else

      in my place

    • a beautiful

      loving response


      as a parent

      I’m giving myself a green light

      to doubt

      second guess

      make mistakes



      tough love

      holding back protective instincts

      letting my daughter

      learn, fall down

      a green light to make mistakes too



      not giving love

      is giving love too ?



      it is difficult

      helping her become independent

      not smothering

      her growth



      it’s possible

      to love too much ?

      • Ah, I see. In that respect, yes, there is room to question. Raising a child is difficult – or so my parents like to tell me ^_^. So many questions, so many grey areas. I’m sure I will cross that road one day, and I too will be in the very same position you are in :).

  2. Forgot to tell you that I love the simplicity of this… you say so much with so few words! I like that about you. I’m way to wordy, but cutting back if difficult for me… I’m just too chatty. Fabulous picture also by the way! :D

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  4. I really cool poet and writer said,”Love gives. It’s GIVEN!!!” His name is Zoba Beta and I highly recommend googling some of his quotes, he’s blessed. He claimed every ounce of his life for his self…the only selfish thing that amounts to any good for a true individual.Your poem really brought this simple truth to life once again. Love is so simple to follow but it plays on a different field and it plays a totally different game; a game never known. In reality…it truly takes a brave individual to fully accept love’s bounty. After all, when we give that love there is NEVER a guarantee that any love will be given back our way. We cannot love and love fully if hidden motives or expectations are the real longing behind the cause.

  5. Love keeps on giving like the sea.Thank you for liking my post ( we are all alike) regards.jalal

  6. I think that love might be different for each person…their definition, their expectations and their feelings. It’s possible that people have trouble because of that. But when two people agree…then it’s wonderful.

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