Colour Theory


there’s no

black and white


merely labels

accumulating all colour

to absence of all


tick the box

there’ll be no logic

no right or wrong

when you’re with me




birds calling moons

painting sunrises




with love



each other


I want

to start

a new religion called



Colour Theory

43 thoughts on “Colour Theory

  1. a lack of color ~ death cab for cutie


    if you feel discouraged

    that there’s a lack of color here

    please don’t worry lover

    it’s really bursting at the seems

    absorbing everything

    the spectrum’s a to z


  2. death cab for cutie, heard this so many times really..thanks for sharing and also love te way you have written – ‘A caterpillar
    letting go,

  3. This is beautiful. I love how you compare (and, indeed, contrast) love and faith – as something that both impugn and confirms everything we know. You portrayed that ambivalence with such sensitivity.

  4. It’s good to hear your voice Geo, you’ve a great poetry voice!! I think your videos some time ago had your voice too, but you’ve got an echo on your recording here – I like that, it adds something intriguing! :o)

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