we all fear


what we fear





our ignorance

in love


be still

keep dancing

life will not always

make sense


learn to love

our contradictions

we’re nothing

we’re everything


find comfort

in doubt


it’s the only light

we’ll ever have



“I learn by going where I have to go” ~ theodore roethke


29 thoughts on “Believe

  1. an old friend

    wrote, sang this song

    (link below)


    I know I’m supposed to trust

    it’s the only path to love

    but I don’t want to let you past

    the guards that protect me


    I will give it all to you

    Give It All To You

    thanks kirrily

    for sharing

    such heartfelt advice

  2. Brilliant. Especially love all of the ironies, contrasts….they end up making circles, or actually spirals-so magical. If sometimes infuriating, or at least resistant to logic and illusory control. Especially especially love “be still/ keep dancing….” as I often find the most profound experience of stillness I dance. Shine on…..

    • thank you

      for your supportive comment


      I’ve learned to accept


      the brilliant spontaneity

      in life

      beyond my comfort zones


      I guess

      being a parent

      will do that for you

  3. Fear what we don’t one to become is not an easy walk through about life, taking comfort in doubt in my life, seems to be a very thin thread….

    However, don’t given that easy, would like to change the rules once and awhile..

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