Be The Verb

when we lost

our son

we lost

each other


we were shells





different ways

of grieving




our raw pain

forced unrealistic


upon ourselves



emotionally abandoned

unable to help



I’m sorry

I let you down

when you needed



I’m learning

to forgive



Be The Verb

46 thoughts on “Be The Verb

  1. My parents went through this harrowing experience, I think it changed their marriage forever. But at least I was able to cheer them up a bit, being the unplanned baby that came after those dark days. I was never a replacement for their daughter, but I made them laugh again!

    I think you’ve written this well, says everything as it really is!

  2. From an outsider’s perspective, I would say that no apologies are needed in a situation like that, but the fact that you offer one shows how deep your love is. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

  3. It is so hard to watch from the outside a body wreaking havoc on our loved one(s), supporting yourself and everyone else is tightrope walk, especially when dealing with self preservation.
    From experience, it is hard to do it the ‘right’ way, you will always feel like it is not enough and the emotions on others are your weight to bare, but they are not.
    Forgiveness is one of lifes greatest joys, but it is a hard one to feel completely.

  4. Yes, these are powerful words – thanks for sharing. Our daughter and son-in-law have gone through the same experience. We’ll share this with them. Thanks also for following our blog, Ian Moore-Morrans, Scottish Canadian Author and Gayle Moore-Morrans, Editor and Blogger. We appreciate it.

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  6. Beautiful, thank you for these words. My partner and I are finding ourselves in a new and different relationship than it was before my daughter’s death last year. Continuing to shift and change, and with great love, not knowing what will come, but that’s always true…

    • I’m very sorry
      for your loss
      growing beside
      each other
      keep trusting
      your love
      during all the confusion
      you’ll grieve
      at different times
      and that

  7. Beautifully and eloquently expressed. I think it is only human in such trying situations to retreat into oneself, this moved me very deeply.

  8. Very powerful words you have penned in such beautiful words…I am so sorry for your losses for after the loss of a child there are many losses…the hardest is forgiving oneself…blessings to you. Know that guilt is also part of that painful process of grief, I think it is the most difficult.

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