Why God

we’re educated

to question, wonder

examine critically


no longer fearing

hidden truths

behind sacred words


I’m learning

to love compassionately

to accept

what I don’t understand


wide open

my heart, my eyes


my blindness


and that

is okay


I’m doubting my way to salvation


Why God

Image: Geo Sans

32 thoughts on “Why God

  1. Me too! There seems to be a lot of us doubting – and wondering. But might be a good thing in the long run – it’s good to use our brains and not let others dictate stories to them! :D

    • the gift

      of intellect

      allows us

      to choose


      our choices







      learning to love

      endless hues


      beautiful symphonic colours

      acknowledging infinite spaces


      polar opposites

  2. “learning to love endless hues
    between beautiful symphonic colours
    acknowledging infinite spaces
    between polar opposites”

    OOOOO….I like that…it’s always the spaces in between that really give definition.
    You know…you could probably retire, making t-shirts and bumper stickers with that anthem of a last line….just saying

  3. Doubt expands our horizon…..we engage a demand for more clarification…..a desire for greater depth. Spiritual effort should not be about outcomes, i.e. “salvation”, et al. The pursuit of salvation, perfect afterlife, and so on are self-centered and undermine the purpose of spiritual advancement. We need a clear understanding of our responsibility to each other and Creation.

  4. I have questioned whether there even was “God” as terrible things unfold before my eyes and happen in my life. I am thankful He allows me to be weak, to question, when I doubt. I know I am but His child. And some things happen which I am not privy to know the reason why, for now. God has given me the understanding that I must have patience, above all.

  5. Once I began to doubt, the path became clearer…

    Once I accepted doubt, life became easier…

    When I finally left faith behind, and accepted logic and science, life became meaningful and worth sticking around for….

  6. At first I thought that last humdinger of a line was the most resonant-it’s so powerful. But upon rereading, I realize that it is trumped, for me, “wide open/my heart….” Or perhaps they are the same….thank you for the food for thought and heart. Xo

  7. As a ‘non believer’ I like to interpret your title as Why a God? Your piece is equally as powerful for me, only the salvation is different.

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