a hockey rink

the day after

my dad’s funeral


an on-ice incident


in a dressing room


I was jesus

in the temple

casting out sinners



impulsive choices


protecting my religion



my father

my son

my holy spirit


I’ll carry this cross

my shame




Image: Geo Sans

17 thoughts on “Assault

  1. You know I’ve been around here for awhile… and, I find your work to be so amazing … and, I know you’ve been looking at this as a sort of therapy, and healing ….

    You’ve shared a lot … your poems are more revealing, your writing is better each day …

    I’m wondering … are you beginning to find some peace through this process?

  2. If He can forgive me for all my hot temper tantrums, then I’m sure He’s got you covered! Beautiful writing and fantastic painting…. I love how you subtly share through your writing! :D

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