23 thoughts on “Educated

  1. ♥ Thanks for being awesome, I have included you in my nominees for the versatile blog award!! Thanks for the love, just my way of giving it back!! No need to do anything further, unless you want to!! Hope you have an amazing weekend & upcoming week!!! ♥

  2. You’ve written so 1st person, or the commenting observer, that your switch to hidden 3rd person subtle sarcasm took me by surprise. Had to go around the block and sit down next to the title to decipher your voice. …good visuals too. Could be the voice over in a movie. Had fun with this one.

  3. Good stuff, though, I wonder …

    I think the truth is that we’ll never know the truth … we’ll always seek it out, but, at least from a Buddhist perspective, we only find the truth after lifetimes and lifetimes of searching…

    But, I think we can know the wonder… isn’t it the wonder of it all that keeps us searching for the truth of it all?

    Just a thought….

  4. The more we think we know – the more we find we don’t. But being comfortable with not knowing it all, doesn’t come easy to some. I’m more comfortable with that than ever before, but I’m finding I’m making my long established wonderful Christian friends who still believe in their answers – I’m causing them discomfort, that I’m OK not knowing the answers. I’m being me, I don’t preach to them, they don’t preach to me, but my freedom in thinking effects them – and that makes me feel uncomfortable! I suppose we can’t have it all ways, and it’s a small price to pay to keep genuine friendship! :)

    • every


      answers certain questions

      for each culture


      · why we’re here (creation)

      · why part of big picture (community / ritual / purpose)

      · why systems of social control (rules / structure)


      fear of religions

      growing realms of knowledge

      old answers

      feel redundant


      personal journeys

      coming to terms

      finding comfort in doubt

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