16 thoughts on “Reality TV

  1. I love the photo.

    And this puts me in mind of those that find porn and stripping degrading to women. Really, aren’t these people, being paid to exploit themselves, really exploiting themselves? Aren’t they just allowing it? Am I being too cold and compassion less?

  2. When “Survivor” first came on t.v. as a “reality” show I thought it couldn’t possibly last. Wrong. I found it all so “de-evolutionary” given that we live in a high-tech world with nearly none of the inconveniences of prior generations. I wondered why on earth anyone would want to “regress” to a more primitive point…and I refuse to watch the so-called ‘unscripted’ reality shows like Bachelorette, Kardashians, Big Brother,etc. I like to take something away from my viewing time..science, anything factual…I guess I’m an oddball.

    • I’ve never watched




      hearing everyone

      thrill, gloat, cheer

      over other people’s humiliation

      sickens my



      media smothering



      • Not to mention the shows (several) have had some of the main characters/’stars’ commit suicide, split with their spouses, etc. If people inside these shows like living in a goldfish bowl, great. I don’t watch them either.I have my own ‘drama’, thanks. Yes it does sicken the soul to see $$$ and 15 minutes of fame in exchange for exploitation. TO each his own, I suppose.

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