in · for · ma · tion

I am not my name

I am not my birthdate


my mobile phone is not my life

neither is my toothbrush


is a person’s identity singular ?

am I all my years put together ?

is identity a constant ?

is my identity who I am right now ?


I’ll be a totally different person in 20 years

we can’t outrun ourselves

I’m not the same person from 20 years ago

same name

different person


everything defines me

nothing defines me



I am not my bones

we are spirit



Image: Geo Sans

35 thoughts on “Identity

  1. Thanks for the references which were all inspiring & insightful. Yes, I admit the burial pictures left me spinning a bit but are extraordinary. Were you aware that there are seven Body Farms here in the States used for forensic research? The one near where I live is known as the Forensic Osteology Research Station or more commonly as the FOREST. Beautiful, no?

  2. We are like the water in wave form, eventually we will all return to being just water

    While we are here, we are one, all of earth and us are connected.

    This is a good one. Love it

  3. If I went to visit my 20 year old self, I would not recognise myself. I would be horrified that I became so ordinary. If my 20 year old self came to visit me, I would tell her – everything you need you already have. Let it go. Embrace an ordinary life, fall in love, get a dog, grow a garden, walk under the trees, grow old. You will be happy.

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