in · for · ma · tion

I am not my name

I am not my birthdate


my mobile phone is not my life

neither is my toothbrush


is a person’s identity singular ?

am I all my years put together ?

is identity a constant ?

is my identity who I am right now ?


I’ll be a totally different person in 20 years

we can’t outrun ourselves

I’m not the same person from 20 years ago

same name

different person


everything defines me

nothing defines me



I am not my bones

we are spirit



Image: Geo Sans

35 thoughts on “Identity

  1. Thanks for the references which were all inspiring & insightful. Yes, I admit the burial pictures left me spinning a bit but are extraordinary. Were you aware that there are seven Body Farms here in the States used for forensic research? The one near where I live is known as the Forensic Osteology Research Station or more commonly as the FOREST. Beautiful, no?

  2. If I went to visit my 20 year old self, I would not recognise myself. I would be horrified that I became so ordinary. If my 20 year old self came to visit me, I would tell her – everything you need you already have. Let it go. Embrace an ordinary life, fall in love, get a dog, grow a garden, walk under the trees, grow old. You will be happy.

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