An instructor


for a definition


a pause






have patience

with the answers

learn to love

the questions


there is no

back of the book

in life




13 thoughts on “Education

  1. Really nice .. wish you’d written this years ago, and told me there was no back of the book in life … would have saved me a lot of hard knocks. :-)

  2. I once decorated a science room like a Chinese restaurant. The tables had those place mats with your birth year and Zodiac sign. There were chopsticks and bowls of meal worms. I taught how to pick one variable from Column A and a dependent variable from Column B. They designed behavior experiments. Learning is all creativity.
    I have admired your poetic COMMENTS. I am a journal writer mostly and would like to have a few really great poetry “teachers” like yourself to bounce off of. Maybe request sometime.

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