instantly the smell

I ran to the kitchen


I love you mom

she smiled


she showed me everyday

how much she loved me


she never once said

I love you


sometimes you need to hear it


my stillborn son

I touched her belly


I love you


I’ll never know

if he heard



23 thoughts on “Baggage

  1. I really believe the love between a child and the two who are bringing him into this world begins long before and only grows stronger in that intimate place of birthing. That’s why I feel the littlest ones hear everything they need to – from heart to heart because it’s the only language they know.

  2. My father rarely said those words to me. He taught me a silly noise that only we shared.

    Beautiful processing.

  3. Yes I believe they hear. My Dad speaks to me when I ask him to send me a train. When I want to know. I never hear trains where I live except once or twice a year when I ask him to send me the sound…

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