14 thoughts on “Transcend

  1. When my daughter miscarried losing her child she was told by her friend who held the same sorrow…”You’ll never be the same, but you’ll get to know yourself again”.

  2. You cannot numb to only some emotions. It is all or nothing. To be able to feel your joy, you must ache your pain. It hurts like hell, but the payoff is heaven in earth.

  3. You were asking about clairvoyance…I’ll share my experience. You”ll have to look in yourself….the only place to see the truth in this for you.
    When a person dies in trauma, they may become confused in their transition after death. Simply put, in order to heal from the archetypal nature of the experience of their death and pass on, they may hover near. The attraction they have is to someone who shares the same suffering….This is the way they have to resolve their own suffering and move on. When there is actual relationship the resonance is deeper. The suffering for both is also deeper.
    How can we have the same suffering? We, ourselves, bring our own memories of “unresolved” archetypal suffering from lifetime to lifetime. The velocity of this falls into the same for all archetypal suffering “of the same nature” happening in this lifetime or another….until healed. We carry our wounds until healed.
    The resolution is unique for each of us but the “keys” are simply acknowledgement, forgiveness in the broadest most possible sense , and surrender.
    The surrender is to life. It is our best and only real teacher. All the answers are here.
    In my life this past fall….
    We named the child that miscarried. My daughter suffered greatly and there was little closure. So we drove up into the high peaks. She brought messages for the child and placed them in the crook of a tree. Then sent off three helium balloons to celebrate the child’s birthday and to say goodby.

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