The Heart and the Bottle

I took my daughter

to an event today


there was a book

about a girl

who lost someone


the pain

was so strong

she put her heart

in a bottle


over time

she was ready

to hold her heart




the wonder


my baby

is it time yet ?


The Heart Jar

14 thoughts on “The Heart and the Bottle

  1. I know ‘The Heart and The Bottle’ very well, its by Oliver Jeffers and every single one of his books resonates with the adult as well as the child, such insight and brilliance. We have every one of his books actually.
    I think life is about living, learning and letting go. Easier said than done I know, but the only thing that holds you back from anything is yourself. True learning is in the aftermath and understanding, you should never lose out on that, it is the most freeing part of pain, sorrow and darkness.
    Thank you Geo, for sharing your journey.

  2. What a beautiful photograph Geo. One shouldn’t bottle a heart for too long, it may not preserve well in there ^_^

    Haven’t heard about the book til now. I really should set more time aside for reading >_<

  3. That’s a great description of the numbness that grief causes in children. The trick is putting away the bottle and letting go of the numbness when you can again. There’s no how-to book on this. I like to imagine the numbness as a cocoon, because glass is so fragile and so damaging when it breaks.

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