do we write for others

or do we write as scouts

in our own intuitive mind / heartscape


balance, balance, balance

said the caterpillar


part of the dialogue

within ourselves

includes others

that share and care


All things are equal

said the butterfly



11 thoughts on “Mentor

  1. I don’t know if there’s a universal answer to that… but, I write for myself first…. as a way to make sense of things, as a way to explore my thoughts, as a way to empty my mind, so it’s free for new thoughts … then, out of all that, emerges the things that I write to share …

    I think if you write, you end up sharing … because it’s how we become part of the world around us. By nature, I’m an introvert, and socialize very little … but, my writing allows me to engage with others, and to be introduced to new thoughts and ideas to write about … it’s a cycle … write, share, learn, write, share, learn, write…

    Gotta love the butterfly photo! Too cute!

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